Day 7 on Disney Fantasy – June 17, 2016

Our final day on the Disney Fantasy was a Castaway Cay day!!!!  Castaway is amazing! Disney really outdid themselves when they created Castaway Cay (which is pronounced “key”…so if you ever book a Disney Cruise through me, you will know the correct way to pronounce it). It’s always exciting watching the ship come into the port. We have been so lucky to have gone on several Disney Cruises before this one, so this was not […]

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Day 6 on Disney Fantasy – June 16, 2016

Our sixth day on the Disney Fantasy was a full day at sea.  I always like have a few sea days mixed in with an itinerary because it gives you time to rest and relax and just enjoy the ship.  There aren’t any excursions to get to, so if you want to sleep in a little and have a late breakfast, it’s no big deal! Taylor spent a lot of her day at Edge with […]

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Day 5 on Disney Fantasy – June 15, 2016

On our fifth day, the Disney Fantasy took us to Jamaica!  When we woke up that morning, the ship was almost to Jamaica.  At first, the island did not look anything like I had pictured it.  There were a lot of trees. But, then the ship turned around and we were facing the port in Falmouth and it looked more like what I had pictured in my head. After breakfast at Cabana’s, it was time […]

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Day 4 on Disney Fantasy – June 14, 2016

Welcome to the Cayman Islands! We hadn’t planned any excursions for the Cayman Islands, but we did leave the ship and walk around for a bit.  The water at the Cayman Islands is so pretty!  I don’t think I have seen water such a pretty color of blue and turquoise.  Since the Cayman Islands has a reef around it, the cruise ships can not dock right at the island, but instead have to drop anchor […]

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Day 3 on Disney Fantasy – June 13, 2016

Our third day on the Disney Fantasy took us to Cozumel, Mexico.  We had an excursion in Cozumel to go to the Mayan Ruins, the Mayan Cacao Company and the Discover Mexico Cultural Park. After breakfast, we met our group in the Buena Vista Theater for our excursion and it wasn’t long before we were leaving the ship and meeting our guide for the day.  We had a great experience on our excursion…other than the […]

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Day 2 on Disney Fantasy – June 12, 2016

Our first full day on the Disney Fantasy was a day at sea.  Sea days are always a great way to spend time exploring the ship.  We started our day with breakfast at Cabanas.  After breakfast, the kids wanted to ride the AquaDuck and spend some time at Edge. After some AquaDuck and pool time, we went back to our room to clean up so the kids could go to Edge, while Michael and I […]

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New Disney World offers for early 2017!!

Disney released two new offers for the early part of 2017 today for the Walt Disney World resort!  Play, Stay and Dine is back again along with another great offer that is a room discount.  Here are the details!   The Disney World Play, Stay and Dine offer is valid for most night stays from January 1 to March 3, 2017.  There are a few exclusions with this offer.  Those are stays at the campsites, […]

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Disney Fantasy!! Here we come!

After we had a few days of fun in the Disney Springs area, we were eager to get up and drive to Port Canaveral to board the Disney Fantasy! Right after we booked our cruise, I found a cruise group on Facebook for our cruise and joined it.  One of the members of the group had organized t-shirts for everyone to purchase and be able to wear on the first day of our cruise.  It […]

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Getting ready for Disney Fantasy

Back in June 2016, we took our first 7-night cruise on the Disney Fantasy.  It was our 4th time to sail with Disney Cruise Line, but our first time to sail for 7-nights.  All our previous cruises had been 3 or 4 nights and all on the Disney Dream. To start our trip off, we actually flew into Tampa and drove to Disney World…when you live where we live, sometimes you have to be inventive […]

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Wonderful view of Cinderella's Castle at the Magic Kingdom  from Bay Lake Tower.

Disney Offers Released Today!

Hello!! It’s been quite a while since I have posted any sort of update to my blog.  I totally blame life.  The last two years have been very busy.  I homeschooled my kids for the last two years and just didn’t have time to keep up with the blog and try to do my best with them.  If anyone thinks that being a homeschool parent is easy, try it.  Hats off to all the homeschool […]

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